A Welcome from the Director


Rev. William Berry PhD.

WELCOME to the website of Battle Plan Ministry , a discipleship ministry of Central Church in Collierville, TN.

God has likely led you here for a reason which may be very personal. Perhaps you are a Christian struggling with habitual sexual sin of some type. Perhaps you feel you're addicted to sexual "stuff," and want to know how Jesus Christ could help you be free from this destructive "addiction." Perhaps you have a loved one, maybe a husband, who is deeply into sexual sin.

But no matter why you have landed here, I pray we can help you. And so, while you are here, I would invite you to browse our BPM website. You will find statements about our mission/vision. You can link to our Doctrinal Statement of Beliefs. There are a number of testimonies that you can read of God using BPM to help men and women of all ages to be set free from the oppression of habitual sexual sin. And I would exhort you to check out some of the resource materials that we have available or those to which you will be directed, including a few of the short articles that God led me to write for this ministry [linked below]:


If you are a "full-time" Minister and/or Missionary, I know how frightening it can be to have any form of besetting sexual sin in your life. At BPM, we have healing and restoration forums online to help you come to a safe place and deal with any hidden sin pattern in your life or some stronghold such as the pursuit of online pornography. I think you'll agree that your ministry is dampened in power by strongholds of besetting sin that divert you from God's purposes for your life. Well, BPM invites you to click on this hyperlink and register for our online Forums. Once you've been cleared by The Director for entry, you can use your chosen password to pursue our accountability, prayer, and/or discipelship forums.(whichever applies) . These are safe places [password protected] where you can come and experience the love of God freely and openly, without feeling the remorse and guilt you may be experiencing now because of this pattern of sin which has been so difficult to overcome. Come and join us and experience God's love.


WCRV Interviews Battle Plan Ministry Founder.. In April of 2007 the local Bott Radio Network affiliate station, WCRV, aired an interview of Bill and Elly Berry, the co-founders of Battle Plan Ministries [BPM].  This interview (about 25 minutes) nicely summarizes what BPM is all about as well as giving the listener some insights into the lives and testimonies of yours truly and my wife, the Christians who were called by God to found BPM.   With your speakers on, you can click on the "PLAY" button below to play this audio segment.

Maximum Man Conference 2011 Testimony.. In January of 2011, Dr. Bill Berry and a younger christian warrior, Michael Horner, joined forces at the Conference to give a powerful testimony to the healing power of God's spirit to bring restoration and renewal to the heart of any Christian who is willing to surrender and receive God's enabling grace to bring about a walk of freedom and victory over sexual sin.

Click here to view Video

Dr. Bill Berry, Director, Battle Plan Ministries

If you’re someone who needs help and accountability in your discipleship to do what Paul warned about in 2nd Tim. 2: 22 – to avoid all forms of sexual sin, BPM unashamedly promotes the SafeEyes.com filter software.  As the Director of BPM, I have researched and tried many different products and filtering systems, but SafeEyes.com is, in my estimation, the best product of its kind on the market.   And it’s also very affordable with a one-time only cost of $49.95.  For parents who desire to protect their home computers for their kids, SafeEyes.comis a great filtering system that also allows parents to monitor all Internet hits by their family.  SafeEyes.com also has an accountability reporting feature which can be used by those of us who desire to have our Internet activity reported to a mentor or accountability partner.  So, if you’re looking for topnotch Internet protection and accountability system, I hope you’ll consider and/or use SafeEyes.com.  

And please, if anything within our website does not answer your questions, feel free to contact me:

I am a Servant of the Lord and yours .

Rev. Bill Berry, Ph.D., Director, Battle Plan Ministry
Elder, Central Church, Collierville, TN