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Battle Plan Support ... PRAYER 

As the Servant Leader of Battle Plan Ministry (BPM), I have been asked on occasion how one can support this ministry financially. Let me answer that question here. However, I want to make it clear that BPM is not in the business of soliciting funds. BPM is in the business of fulfilling the Lord's mission as laid out in Luke 4:18, and more specifically to free the captives from the bondage of habitual sexual sin and to reach out to those who become the victims of this sin. The first thing BPM covets from anyone, who desires to support the ministry, is PRAYER. There's nothing more powerful that you can do than to pray for BPM. But like any ministry, BPM has expenses; and we appreciate it if God is leading/directing you to support the ministry financially. Here are two financial battle plans to do so >>>

Battle Plan Giving ... Plan #1 ... Giving by Check ...

So, do not feel that you must give financially to support this ministry. However, if God does lead you to give from your God-given, hard-earned money to BPM, it would be greatly appreciated and sincerely used to further God's Kingdom and the mission of BPM. The mechanism for this giving would be as follows:

  • Make out a check to CENTRAL CHURCH (the home church for Battle Plan Ministry).

  • After the "FOR" on your check, write BATTLE PLAN MINISTRY, which will allow the check to be placed in a special account for BPM.

  • Send the check to Battle Plan Ministry, c/o Central Church, 2005 Winchester Blvd., Collierville, TN 38017-3388.

IMPORTANT... Please DO NOT send funds with my name, Bill Berry, on the check and DO NOT make the check out to Battle Plan Ministry. Your gift will not be tax deductible unless it's made out to our parent church, Central Church. If you want to know more about Central Church (statement of faith, ministries, etc.), go to . Or, if you have any questions about such giving, you can e-mail me, Bill Berry, at Director of BPM.

Battle Plan Giving ... Plan #2 ... Electronic Transfer of Funds or "E-Giving."

ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE: E-Giving can only be accomplished in U.S. Dollars, by U.S. Citizens or Canadians. European or Asian donors must use the check giving system (described above) in the currency of your bank note, which will be transferred to U.S. funds upon receipt.

If you go to this website -, you will see the login/registration page for E-Giving to Central Church.

Here you should select the Register Now button, if this is your first time to the site; otherwise, login using your user name and password.

If you are registering, you will be taken to the registration page where you will need to fill in your basic information. Note, the field "Organization ID" is primarily for members of Central Church. However, if you have a tax exempt number, you may enter it here. This field is not a required field to complete registration.

Once registered, you will be logged in – or you can log in at a later time.  Once logged in, you will see a transaction page with a number of giver options.  Here you can view/read about the authorization agreement, or to give you can choose the option “Go to My Organization’s E-Giving Transaction Page,” where you will fill out the giving form.  On that form there are fields to describe how you want to give.  To give to BPM, fill in one of the “other” fields with the name “BATTLE PLAN MINISTRY,” and then fill in the amount you are led to give.

When you click on CONTINUE, you’ll be asked to select whether you want to complete the transaction NOW, if you want to defer the giving, or if you’d like to set up a regular, interval of giving.  If you select the latter choice and click on CONTINUE, you can choose a giving cycle (weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.) and when your start date and end date might be.  Once this is completed and you click on CONTINUE, you’ll see the fields to submit the Account Holder’s Name, the Bank Name, the 9-digit routing number, the account number, and the account type (checking/savings?).   After providing this information, when you click on CONTINUE, you’ll be able to complete the e-giving donation.   

THANK YOU !!! … In the Name of Christ (and I say that very seriously), any funds that you give to BPM will be used to further the mission of this ministry; and Central Church will manage these funds carefully to do just that. And we greatly appreciate any such support that you might give.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Bill Berry, PhD.
Director, Battle Plan Ministries
A Central Church Outreach Ministry

Central Church Memphis, TN

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