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Boot Camp Audio Messages
Message One
Becoming a Spiritual Swordsman
Message Two
A Promise from God for Success in Battle
Message Three
Taking the High Ground for Battle
Message Four
Self Exam:A Serious Step Toward Victory
Message Five
If You Can't Flee... Stand and Fight!
Message Six
Surrender Is Commitment !
Message Seven
Values-Based Battle Planning

Boot Camp Messages

Above, as Director of BPM, I have given you access to seven short audio messages where I'm recounting the Bootcamp Basic Training for any Christian who is serious about becoming well armed for spiritual warfare and any warrior who would like to become a more effective soldier in Christ's army.

If you have any questions or comments about these messages, I'm available @; and I would welcome your feedback or inquiry.

If you're one of those "onward Christian soldiers," I hope you'll listen to these short messages, take notes, and apply those elements of warfare training to which I address myself and which you feel could help you become more powerful in a daily battle for Christ. These are THE BASICS, my fellow soldier; and if you cannot or will not master these, you are going to remain vulnerable and weakened as a warrior for God. I pray that you'll get these basiscs down; and grow in Christ's power.

Bill Berry,
Battle Plan Ministries
Central Church Memphis, TN

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